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Really nothing to report. I mean, there's always something new in the music world but I don't even have the energy to post about that. I'm trying to catch up on some online homework that I neglected to do before the last day of the semester which is tomorrow. Sometimes I really hate how much I procrastinate but its summer, I'm allowed to be lazy.

Still don't know what I'm going to do about organic. I think I'm going to end up taking it again which will really make me hate my life So so sick of taking that stupid stupid class.

Oh, here's All Time Low's new video for "Weightless" not going to lie, I think this is by far the best video to have come out this year.

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I discovered this band one day back in my Freshmen year of high school while I was browsing through the used CDs in the record store of our local Specs. Then, later that week I think I looked at MTV and saw the most ridiculous and BRILLIANT video I had seen in my 15 years of life. I loved Panic at the Disco the first time I heard them. I loved their pretentious lyrics. I loved their pop rock sound, and I loved their attitude. This crazy attitude that music was meant to be enjoyed and the entire thing was a production that was all encompassing. Not just music or lyrics meant to be interpreted seperately, but it was a vision and a show and a movement. They brought Las Vegas to the scene in a way that The Killers never could. They embraced the show girl reputation and flipped it on its head and made everyone else stand up and listen to them.

Then they turned that sound around and they created something beautiful, something classic. Something that people thought was too much like the Beatles but was distinctively their own and it made me happy to see a band that I had loved from the start grow into themselves and their sound. Pretty. Odd. was different from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out but nonetheless brilliant in its own right. They tried something new and exciting and their fans loved them for trusting that we'd love it too.

But today they released to the world that they were parting ways. This band that's been such an inspiration to me. Brendon's voice and Ryan's words. Spencer's devotion and Jon's friendliness. Ryan and Jon were moving on musically while Brendon and Spencer would go on to do more with Panic at the Disco. I cried for hours, I was angry at Ryan and Jon for ruining something so brilliant I was pissed that they didn't survive the scene.

But now I'm content because Panic is my favorite band because it had 4 equally talented individuals. And whatever Brendon and Spencer do will be amazing because people that talented and devoted to music can not fail. And though I don't agree with Ryan and Jon for leaving, I can commend them for knowing when it was time to call it quits before they ruined something that was beautiful.

I'm excited for Panic's new material. I'll even say I'm excited for what Ryan and Jon will put out next. I hope and pray that this will not be the end of Panic at the Disco, that this will be just a stepping stone to greatess because I know, I know with everything in me that they are destined for great things.

(I know I sound dramatic, that's just how much I love every single boy in this band. Loved them for 5 years and won't stop).
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Happy 4th of July!
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Cobra Starship's video for Good Girls Go Bad is out! Came out on Monday :)

I love it! I love Leighton! I love the subtle connection to the City Is At War video.

I also love that their going on another small club tour and it's hitting Florida when I'm already going to be off from work! Such good news from the Cobra camp :)

I can not wait to see what the pre-order's are going to look like for this album.
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Happy July :) I'm excited for my month long vacation in August so July hurry up and be finished!

That is all!


Jun. 28th, 2009 11:21 am
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Woke up from a wickedly detailed dream today that definitely freaked me out. I was in high school or some equivalent of school and I was buying drinks off someone (one specifically being called a crowbar, and it was a really sweet drink, anyone know if its real?) and then the Crowbar must've been really strong because it made me & the unidentified other person really drunk. We got in the car in a neighborhood that looked very much like where my old elementary school was. I was driving and I was swerving down the road until a cop came to stop me. But I didn't stop right away, I kept driving and then pulled to a stop. Then when he stopped me and I gave him my license, registration, and insurance for some reason I kept driving some more but I like, drove through a couple cars and then I ended up flipping over (in my car) and busting out the driver's side window. Whoever is with me is bawling in the back seat and the cop moved his car behind mine again and at this point my friend Charnell is behind me in her car too and the cop asks her if she needs something out of the trunk (which is weird to me). But he writes me a ticket for $2,223 (exactly, weird right?) and I'm like crying about how my mother is going to massacre me. It gets a little fuzzy from there but wow that was so weird =/


Jun. 25th, 2009 11:23 pm
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Michael Jackson is the reason that anything, ANYTHING, you listen to today exists. He is the reason why I love music. He is the reason why whenever you go to a concert the artist you see tries their damndest to put on a great show. He set the bar so high that NO ONE will ever be able to attain it.

He was literally, the greatest entertainer to ever live.

That is how I'll remember Michael Jackson.

Not for monkeys or ranches or holding babies out windows or being accused for whatever crime. The bottom line is that man was a legend.

Celebrate the legend.
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Whoops, I mean Let's Get Laidddd. But more realistically, I'm sure one of these girls has an STD. Here's there new video.

Millionaires - Just Got Paid - Director's Cut

It's really bad, as you can see. Also, the Audrey Kitching reference? That's like calling the kettle black. They all need to disappear into obscurity, no use in bashing each other.

And their new EP sucks too. I would review it but I don't want to recall listening to it in the first place.
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I feel like I should turn this into a music blog or something. All I ever do is talk about music. But hey, it's summer and besides working all I'm doing is trolling the absolutepunk boards or listening to new music. Sue me =).

So lessee. New in the world of Cobra Starship? They have a cover for their new album with preorders coming out July 7th. I'm definitely preordering it. I can not wait to get it. The cover art is umm...interesting? I'm not too thrilled about the girl looking like they poured grease all over her but it does very literally show a Hot Mess which is in the name of the album so I guess they accomplished that much. And hey, we don't judge things by their covers anymore right? right?

Downloaded Millionaires - Just Got Paid, Let's Get Laid EP and The Cab - The Lady Luck EP just now. I'm just about finished listening to the Cab. Eh, it's okay? First track is the remix of Take My Hand with Cassadee from Hey Monday. Heard it already, it's okay. Nothing too impressive. There's 4 new songs and an alternate version of I'll Run. I don't care for the alt version of I'll Run and the new songs are...mediocre if best. I hope this isn't a look @ what the whole new record is going to be like because if so I'm not impressed.

Haven't listened to Millionaires yet but if it's anything like their Bling Bling Bling EP (which I'm pretty sure it's exactly the same except with some new Garageband effects) then it should be equally as shitty but I'll try to keep an open mind (yeah right).

So I have to go to work in like 30 min so I will post about the Millionaires @ work or something.
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I don't even know why I go on the message boards. Those people make me so angry with their unfounded hate for anything they don't think is punk rock enough. It's disgusting.

Also making me upset is that Pete Wentz (of Fall Out Boy fame) held a Q&A with fans and alluded to the fact that Folie a Deux might've been FOB's last album. I hope hope hope that's not true. If Green Day or Good Charlotte can get through marriages and kids so can you =(. Ugh.

I hate caring about music so much. I get more defensive about Cobra Starship or Fall Out Boy then I would if someone called me a nigger. Isn't that something? It's the truth though.

And ha, my life right now? Well, summer classes are over so I'm sitting around the apartment doing nothing. I failed Orgo FOR THE SECOND TIME and just when I thought my mom would finally remove the stick out of her ass and support me in just getting a Ph. D (hopefully) in psych and not go to med school she just pretends to agree with me so she can blab about me to my sister so she can come and talk to me about it. I'm sick of just rolling over and taking it. If she wants someone to go to med school so badly then she should go back to school and leave me & my life alone.

I get that she wants whats best for me, but she has to let ME want it. Forcing me to do something is just going to make me rebel more.

And for that matter, I'm 20 years old why am I still fighting with her about MY life anyway? I hate overbearing parents.


Edit: Also, to combat all the haters COBRA STARSHIP - GOOD GIRLS GO BAD has made it to the Top 40. It's the first song for Gabe out of two bands and a combined 6 CDs. Of course downers on are saying it's because Leighton Meester (of Gossip Girl fame) is on the track but no matter how he got there the point is that he did. CONGRATS.

If you haven't heard the song:


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